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Custom made like never before

We are pleased to offer Rodenstock’s most premium lens type.

Our practice is fitted with the revolutionary Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner, this unique piece of equipment measures your eye with over 7000 measurements. What this means for you is that these DNEye® Optimised lenses are customised to match your individual eye in a way never before possible, as a result you will experience perfect vision.

Although we offer this premium product, we realise that it is not for everyone. We have many alternative Rodenstock lens types on offer including multifocals, bifocals and single vision that may be best suited to your daily need and budget.

Unlock a clearer view

Lenses for your lifestyle

In this day and age the world truly is your oyster when it comes to glasses. All frame lenses can be coated to suit your day to day.

Coating options are vast and include blue light blocking for those who spend long hours with screens, scratch resistant for those of us who are a touch clumsy, UV protectant for those who are regularly exposed to the suns harsh rays and many more! Our optical dispensers will guide you through the coating options that will best complement your lifestyle.

Contact lenses

We understand that eyewear doesn’t mean glasses for everyone, in fact sometimes they are completely impractical!

For this purpose we stock a wide range of contact lenses to cater to your everyday requirement. No matter your preference or prescription we have contact lens solutions available to suit you. Contacts these days are no longer limited to single vision lenses, this advancement in contact lens technology has unlocked a whole new world for those who require a bifocal and multifocal prescription.

Stocking both daily and weekly, as well as hard and soft contacts, you will find everything you need right here.

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